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Why Use Text Messaging - 96% of Text Messages are Read Within 3 Minutes2/14
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Why Use Text Messaging - 96% of Text Messages are Read Within 3 Minutes

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Why Use Text Messaging - 96% of Text Messages are Read Within 3 Minutes

We use automated text messaging and it is available for our agents.

Why should you be using automated text messaging?


#1, You reach more customers with text messaging

96% of text messages are read within 3 minutes

SMS / Text messaging campaigns are made to inform, engage, and drive customers to take action. They help reduce your day-to-day operational burden and build stronger customer relationships with personalized, multichannel notifications that are reliably delivered.

Integrating SMS text messaging with the forms on your travel agent profile on your website can significantly enhance your business operations and customer service in several ways. Here's why it's a valuable tool for gaining new clients, assisting current ones, and cultivating existing relationships:

1. Immediate Communication

  • Speed: SMS allows for instant communication. Automated replies to form submissions mean that when potential or current clients fill out a form on your website, they receive an immediate response, acknowledging their inquiry and providing them with the assurance that their request is being processed.
  • Availability: It ensures that you're always available to your clients, 24/7, providing a level of service that can set you apart from competitors.

2. High Open Rates

  • Engagement: Text messages have a significantly higher open rate compared to emails. This means that your messages, whether they're about new travel deals, reminders, or updates, are more likely to be seen and read by your clients.
  • Effectiveness: This high engagement rate translates into more effective communication, ensuring that important information is conveyed efficiently.

3. Personalized Experience

  • Customization: SMS can be personalized based on the information provided in the form submissions. This can include using the client's name, preferences, and past interactions to tailor the communication.
  • Relationship Building: Personalized messages can help in building stronger relationships with clients, making them feel valued and understood.

4. Streamlined Operations

  • Automation: Automated SMS responses can help streamline operations, reducing the time and resources needed to manually respond to each inquiry. This allows you and your team to focus on more complex tasks

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To learn more techniques and how to become a travel agent, sign-up to become a travel agent today!

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