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What to do before you travel for the best Social Engagement1/31
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What to do before you travel for the best Social Engagement

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What to do before you travel for the best Social Engagement

Look at who is already successful on YouTube, TikTok and other social platforms when they are about to travel.

What are they doing to be successful?

What are they doing that encourages their content, when it's finally published on location, to EXPLODE.

I'll tell you!

We get it, you are about to go on a FAM trip or you are traveling to the MOST amazing location, and you want to make sure you get a flood of new clients and HUGE social engagement.

If you are aiming to:

  • ♨️ Establish yourself as an influencer
  • ♨️ Gain clients
  • ♨️ Make the most of your trip
  • ♨️ Show viewers you are the expert in your niche
  • ♨️ Create impactful content about a new resort, cruise, destination, excursion, etc.


You need to be building anticipation and excitement BEFORE your trip.

If you want to get the most engagement, it's important to build anticipation with your audience before you actually travel. Here are key reasons why having teasers and talking about your upcoming trip is beneficial:

As a travel agent aiming to establish yourself as an influencer and create impactful content about a new experience, it's important to build anticipation and engagement with your audience before you actually travel. Here are some key reasons why having teasers and talking about your upcoming trip is SUPER beneficial before travel:

  1. 🧭 It Builds Anticipation:

    • Teasers create a sense of anticipation and excitement among your followers. It's like a movie trailer that gives a sneak peek, enticing the audience to stay tuned for the full experience.

  2. 🧭 Encourages Audience Engagement:

    • Sharing your plans and teasers encourages interaction. Followers might ask questions, give suggestions, or share their excitement, increasing engagement on your social media platforms.

  3. 🧭 Creates a Strong Narrative for Promotion:

    • By talking about your trip beforehand, you're starting a story that your audience can follow. This narrative approach keeps them invested in your journey and more likely to view future content.

  4. 🧭 Gains Marketing Momentum:

    • Early buzz can be beneficial for both you and the resort. It's an opportunity for cross-promotion and can attract attention from both your followers and potentially the resort’s audience.

  5. 🧭 Engagement by Feedback and Insights:

    • Pre-trip discussions can provide valuable insights into what your audience is most interested in. This can help you tailor your content to their preferences, making it more relevant and engaging.

  6. 🧭 Builds YOUR Brand:

    • Regularly teasing upcoming content establishes you as an active and up-to-date influencer in the travel domain, which is essential for brand building and recognition.

  7. 🧭 The Algorithm Likes It and Expects It!

    • Social media algorithms favor accounts with regular, engaging content. Teasers and pre-trip discussions keep your account active and can boost the visibility of your posts.

  8. 🧭 HUGE Opportunities for Collaborations:

    • Talking about your trip in advance might catch the attention of other brands, influencers, or media outlets, leading to potential collaborations or sponsorships.

  9. 🧭 Increased Following:

    • If people know something exciting is about to happen on your page, they're more likely to follow you to not miss out, thereby increasing your follower base.

  10. 🧭 Boosting the Resort's / Experiences Profile:

    • If you are promoting a specific resort group, they are going to love you! Think of what advantages promoting their brand will do for you in their eyes. They want to gain clients, and reward those who help them. For the resort, early buzz means they get to be in the public eye even before your full review comes out. This can be beneficial for their marketing.

By effectively using teasers and pre-trip discussions, you not only enhance the impact of your upcoming content but also create a stronger connection with your audience, making your journey as a travel influencer more engaging and successful.

Make sure and post your coming soon content... and get your audience excited, prepped and engaged in what's to come!

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