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Attention Travel Agents: You Won`t Believe What Happened When We Joined TikTok!4/19
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Attention Travel Agents: You Won't Believe What Happened When We Joined TikTok!

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Attention Travel Agents: You Won`t Believe What Happened When We Joined TikTok!

When done right, when you create a video, it can become your hardest working salesperson, working for you 24/7.

Would you believe it: TikTok is the number one watched platform... even over TV platforms like Netflix?

TikTok is catching up to and may have even surpassed Netflix as the number one watched platform.

TikTok is outranking every other video social media platform by a large margin.

TikTok is still new and there is still SO MUCH ROOM for creators

People are leaving other social media sites and looking to connect with new authentic creators

TikTok loves down to earth, authentic content. No crazy dancing or elaborate videos required

It can take as little as about 5 minutes a day and you can reach millions per week.


Include these 5 things in every video for the best chance of going viral

Know your niche and stay in it. Creating content for a specific group with help it resonate deeply with that group. Don't leave your niche. Keep your channel completely in your niche. This will help the algorithm understand how to best promote your content.

Include a captivating hook in the first 5 seconds.

Keep your video “lean” and cut out anything that is not necessary and cut out any pauses or breaks. Don’t keep any dead space before or after your actions or talking.

Save the “payoff” for the end of the video. The reward!

Include a call to action on your videos at the end! If it goes viral you want to see results such as follows or purchases.


01. The hooks 1-3 seconds
The first 1-5 seconds of any video is the MOST important. If viewers don’t make it pas the first 5 seconds the algorithm will NOT push your video to more people. The hook is the first line in your video you use to catch people’s attention and convince them to watch the rest of the video.

02. The build up
The build up immediately follows the hook and is used to build more suspense so that the viewer keeps watching. If you give them everything they want to know in the beginning of the video there is no reason for them to keep watching. Keep them watching for as long as possible!

03. The value
Here is where you provide the valuable information they have been waiting for! This can be the lesson, the information they’ve been looking for, an answer to a problem. The goal is to keep them until the end of the video so be prepared to keep your videos “lean” meaning “trim the fat” cut out anything that is not absolutely necessary.

BONUS TIP: Your video is being viewed by strangers! So ask yourself would this matter to a stranger? If no then cut it!

04. The Pay Off
Don’t resolve ANYTHING until the final 3-5 seconds of your video. This keeps viewers watching until the end which will result in the algorithm pushing your content to MORE people because the people that already watched it loved it (In TikTok’s eyes if someone stays to the end of your video it was a GOOD video so they will show it to more people - and if they watch it more than once this is even better!)

Growing and going viral comes down to ONE thing...

Creating quality content.

Learn to create quality content and you’ll never have to worry about money or sales again.

The creator industry is a 250 Billion dollar industry. THIS is the future of creating income.

Creating quality content will be an invaluable skill in the next few years.

Here’s a few starting points for quality content

Create and “content corner” in your house where you really feel like you can “set the scene” and keep it clean

Make your videos light and bright - no dark rooms

Keep your text small and readable (no colors for your text besides black or white)

Never film a video empty handed. It looks more natural when your holding a cup, a pen, a phone... anything to keep your hands busy and natural!

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To learn more techniques and how to become a travel agent, sign-up to become a travel agent today!

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