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50 Social Media Hooks for Travel Agent Content3/16
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50 Social Media Hooks for Travel Agent Content

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50 Social Media Hooks for Travel Agent Content

What is a ‘HOOK’?

A social media ‘hook’ is what keeps viewers on your content. For video content, it is the first 3-5 seconds of the video. In a photo post, it is the first 1-2 sentences in your caption. These are absolutely critical in the key to your success on social media. It is what is going to help resonate with your audience and provide value and build trust with your potential clients.


50 Social Media Hooks for Travel Agent Content

Use these for video or picture post format - these are great captions, too!


  1. Do not go to ______ without knowing these 3 tips
  2. 3 Reasons to use a Travel Agent when booking ______
  3. I’ve got a secret for visiting _____ that you need to know
  4. Did you know that it costs $0 more to use a travel agent when booking a trip to _____
  5. 3 Reasons you NEED to use a travel agent when traveling to _____
  6. My honest review of ______ (travel supplier, destination, etc.)
  7. Are you planning a trip to _____ and feeling stuck? Let me help you out - (then talk about your services)
  8. This travel tip for _____ is going to change your life
  9. This travel tip for _____ is going to save you SO much money
  10. Stop using google for your trip to _____ and use me instead - here’s why…
  11. Here’s the #1 thing you should think about when it comes to planning a trip to ______
  12. Day in the Life of being a travel agent focusing on _______ (your niche)
  13. 3 questions I get asked ALL the time from my clients when we’re planning their trip to _______
  14. What I learned about being a travel agent at age _____ (20’s? 30’s? 50’s?)
  15. This is a mistake I made traveling to _____ and how you can avoid it
  16. 3 things you get when booking your _____ trip with a travel agent
  17. This is what it is like to take a trip to (or, cruise to) _____ (welcome to day 1, welcome to day 2…)
  18. I’ve got a secret about traveling to ______
  19. Come with me to experience _____ (travel destination)
  20. Did you know that … (proceed with cool fact/tip about your travel niche)
  21. Don’t scroll until you hear this secret tip about planning a trip to ____
  22. This hack will save you hours on planning a trip to _____
  23. Don’t make this mistake when planning a trip to _____
  24. If you want to have the perfect trip to ____, then you need to listen to this…
  25. Here are 3 signs that you should travel to _____
  26. 3 things to consider before traveling to _____
  27. Would you stay in this _____ (cruise cabin, hotel room, etc.)
  28. This is the most expensive experience you can have when traveling to _____
  29. How to spend the perfect day in _____
  30. I love traveling to ____ and here’s 3 reasons why
  31. Dealing with stress trying to plan a trip to _____, let me help you out…
  32. 3 things you will never see me doing in ______ (travel destination)
  33. This is your ultimate guide to traveling to _______
  34. Come with me to check out the best resort in ______
  35. 3 things I always pack when traveling to ______
  36. How to stay safe when traveling to ______
  37. 3 destinations (or - cruises, resorts, etc.) you HAVE to have on your travel bucket-list…
  38. 3 things on a cruise ship/cruise line/at this resort you can’t find anywhere else…
  39. Mini-travel documentary for my trip to _____
  40. How to feel like a local when visiting _____
  41. 3 of my favorite destinations for a destination wedding…
  42. 3 of the best destinations in 2024 for a honeymoon…
  43. Here’s how I would travel to _____ on a budget…
  44. Here’s how I would travel to _____ on a luxury budget…
  45. This is what it’s like to use a travel agent to book a trip to ____ (walk them through process of using your services)
  46. Day in the life of being on vacation in _____
  47. Everything that’s included in your cruise fare/all-inclusive resort…
  48. If you are overwhelmed planning a trip to _____, let me help you out… (explain your services and how you can help)
  49. These are the 3 best times of the year to visit _____ and why…
  50. 3 times you will never see me in ____ and why…

Social Media Pro-Tip

It is important to mix these informational/educational videos with personal videos/trends for your potential clients and followers to get to know you, and thus, trust you with booking their vacation. 🙂


12 Social Media Closures for Travel Agent Content

This is your ‘call-to-action’ - tell your audience directly what you want them to do at the end of your video. This can also be placed at the end of your caption. Switch these up and use different closures at the end of each video you create.


  1. Give me a follow for all things _____ (enter your niche)
  2. When you’re ready to book, let me know in the comments and I’d love to help you plan!
  3. Email me at for more information.
  4. Head to my profile to learn more about this exciting destination/cruise ship/resort and contact me when you’re ready to book!
  5. If you would like a free, no-obligation quote to travel to ____, send me an email to 
  6. Visit my profile, give me a follow, and request a free travel consultation to help you plan your next trip!
  7. Head to my profile and download my free travel guide to _____
  8. Get in contact with me for a custom itinerary to _____
  9. To book your dream travel getaway now, send me an email at 
  10. There’s so many great deals right now for ____, so get in contact with me and let’s start planning your trip!
  11. Share this video with someone you want to travel to ____ with and follow us for all things travel
  12. Comment below if you have traveled to ____ and what you think - and give us a follow for all things travel



Social Media Pro-Tip

Try (as best you can) to avoid saying ‘link in bio’ or ‘visit my website’ - as TikTok/Reels will slow your video down because you’re trying to take their audience off their platform and to somewhere else. However - it’s okay to slide these words/phrases in sometimes.

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To learn more techniques and how to become a travel agent, sign-up to become a travel agent today!

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